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For a great stocking stuffer for the pet in your family, check out the most unique, all-natural & healthy dog treat to be found !

Turn everyday dog food into  an epicurean delight with Spice Dogs All Natural Dog Food Seasonings

 • Chef-blended recipes are created with the purest human-grade herbal seasonings
• Low in sodium
• Contain no fat or sugar
• All blends include the holistic pro biotic acidophilus
• Produced and packaged in the USA

For both dogs and their owners, check-out these fun and festive blends that can be used to season both  dog food and human food with equally delicious results. Just sprinkle a scant 1/2 teaspoon or less to about 1 cup of your dog’s regular food.  With bountiful blends like POOCHIE POT PIE, BOW WOW BACON CHEESEBURGER, PAWSITIVELY PIZZA and HOWLING GOOD HOLIDAY FEAST, your dog’s bound to find a speical seasoning that will tantalize his taste buds every day of the year! And… It’s a great way to encourage your kids to help feed the dogs!  To see the rest of the Spice Dogs Seasonings Line go to: www.dogsgonegourmet.com








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